About us:

     Welcome to the website of Elbndertuesi Sh.p.k a leading company      

     In Albania in Electrical engineering and in the construction of metallic

     structures. Our main Activity in electrical engineering is the

     construction of High, Medium and Low tension overhead electrical

     lines and the construction of electrical substations.

     We are also the leading company in Albania in the construction of

     Antennas and metallic reinforcing structures. Our principal investitors

     are the Albanian Electroenergetic Corporation and  the operator for

     the transmission and distribution of the electrical energy. We also

     provide support and consulting engineering for the private heavy

     industry users in all the locations and conditions.

     From our head office in Tirana , Albania  we have the structure and

     resource to provide our clients with engineering consultancy

     services, full turnkey solutions, to act as the principle contractor,

     or to work in conjunction with other engineering companies in an

     alliance, Joint Venture, or subcontractor role. Our services can be

     offered on a fixed price contract or, alternatively, on a time and

     materials basis - our approach is designed to give our clients the

     maximum flexibility,

     At Elbndertuesi we place great emphasis on the dedication,

     experience and skill of our employees, and

     strive to ensure that all our people have the necessary equipment,

     training and authorization to meet the

     clients’ requirements.



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