Design team

At Elbndertuesi we believe that the key to a successful project delivery is a well done engineering design.
Our head office settled in Tirana next to the Durresi Street has very dedicated design team made of experienced electrical, mechanical and civil engineers. Our design office is fully equipped with CAD facilities and a very wide technical data library with manual and tower and antenna designs.

Our design team is capable and has experience in the designing of electrical lines at voltage levels of Low tension (6kV 10kV) medium tension 20kV 35kV and high tension Lines (110kV, 220kV).
The work from our design team is tailor made to our clients` needs from the detailed planimetry`s and profiles, Sag charts to the detailed construction drawings of the metallic structures including boltware, clamps and installation of accessories. In all our designed structures we provide our clients with the calculated data from the latest computer software’s.
Our design team is also capable and has experience in the designing of different types of antennas for different types of usage. We have designed produced and erected antennas for Mobile Telephony, Analogue Televisions (private televisions and National television), Digital terrestrial television, Internet service providers, local Radios, National Police forces ect.
We also provide reinforcing metallic structures for buildings, Tunnels Bridges ect.
Our design services also look after the economical aspect of the object that has to be built, in order to have good and economically affordable structure and also to represent a good economical offer in order to compete and win in the organized bids or other competitions.

A summary of the designing capabilities is submitted below:
   Designing of Overhead Electrical Lines

• Designing of Low tension Lines
Designing of Medium tension Lines
Designing of High tension lines up to 220kV

   Design of antennas for the following services:

• Mobile telephony antennas
• Analogue and digital terrestrial televisions
• Internet service providers
• Antennas for broadband FM Radios

   Design of steel reinforcing structures
• Bridges
• Tunnels











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