Construction Team

 At Elbndertuesi we understand the demand of the industry for electrical energy and in support of this demand we offer a good experience in the construction of Overhead Electrical Lines and Electrical Substations. We have very experienced and qualified construction teams for the construction of overhead electrical lines and we are able to fulfill the contract time limits according to the necessities of the clients. Our experience and  reliability has helped us to extend our activity also in the countries near Albania. Due to the realized works and the commercial activity today Elbndertuesi is a well Known Company in all The Balkan area for the construction of Overhead electrical lines. Today we are the only company that has passed the strict construction standards of Fichtner engineering.

In many cases we have worked as subcontractors with companies employed for the construction of new roads  or we have been contracted directly from the General Road Directory. Elbndertuesi Sh.p.k has always been a crucial partner in the deviation of the existing electrical Lines in order to open the road to the construction of new Highways.

Our electrical engineering construction capability’s

covers the following fields:

Overhead electrical Lines:

-       Low and medium overhead Tension Lines

-       High tension lines up to 400kV

-       Stringing of Conductors

-       Stringing of OPGW

-       Cable ACRS Jointing

-       Installation of Joint Boxes for OPGW

Electric Substations:

-       Electrical Substations

-       Installation of high voltage equipment Transformers, disconnectors, Circuit breakers,

-       Installation of 110V, 48V and 24V battery charger panels for Substations

-       Lighting panels for Roads and buildings











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